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Artists > Mick Stump A Change of Scenery

It is two years since my last exhibition here in Stamford. I moved to Langham, near Oakham two years ago and the paintings and drawings in this exhibition are the result of working for those two years in my new studio.

The change in my environment has inspired a whole new set of work. As with my paintings and drawings of Architecture shown in this gallery in previous exhibitions, my aim with each piece is to remain true to the subject, but to enhance one aspect of it. That might be a particular effect of light on the subject, the uniqueness of it’s form or perhaps the drama of the weather.

I work slowly, often spending much of my time mixing exactly the right colour for each part of the painting. However, it is still the drawing that makes a piece successful and so it is the proportions, perspective and power of each mark that must come together before it can be called complete.

I trained under Miles Richmond, a close associate of David Bomberg, but have always loved the work of the early Renaissance artists such as Masaccio and Fra Angelico. These contrasting approaches to drawing and painting provide a stimulating conflict for me when I am working.

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